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Over twenty years of experience designing elegant, responsive websites has taught Andrew a broad and powerful set of skills, including...

UI and UX

From usability studies and wireframes all the way through complete hand-coded and responsive websites, Andrew has you covered.

Visual Design

Comps, prototypes, custom icons, banners, animation, and even print design are well within Andrew's impressive repertoire.

Information Design

Infographics and large-scale information designs are second nature to Andrew, who has also written and lectured extensively on the subject.


A carefully curated collection of Andrew's personal favorites, latest, and greatest.

Audi Winners' Circle

Multiple Web Application Designs

Kawasaki Racer Rewards

Web Application Redesign

CGI Dezine

Website Design

Catalog Redesign

Ecommerce Website Redesign

Book Cover Design

Digital Photo-Illustration

Album Cover Art

Graphic Design and Typography


An abridged history of Andrew's career, in timeline format. (Complete CV available for download here.)

  • 1993

    The Graduate

    Graduating from Vassar College in 1993, Andrew returned to New York City and began making his way as a digital professional in the highly competitive, suffocatingly traditional, print-dominated world of Graphic Design.

  • 1996-2001

    A Designer is Born

    Andrew landed his first full-time design gig at PR Newswire early in 1996, having already established himself as a successful freelance Web Designer. He spent five years building their internal capability, ending his tenure as Design Manager.

  • 2001-2007

    The Agency and Freelance Years

    The turn of the Millenium brought with it many changes, among them the switch to an agency- and freelance-based clientelle, as well as an increase in print design activity or clients incuding liquor and tobacco giants as well as the NFL.

  • 2007-Present

    Corporate and Contract Work

    The end of 2007 saw another shift in business, marked by a return to long-term contracts and full-time corporate design work. Clients from this period included Audi, Kawasaki, and real estate giant Douglas Elliman, as well as boutique agencies and charitable insitutions.

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Writer. Mountain biker. Multi-instrumental musician. Shameless Trekkie. And one of the country's original pro Web Designers.

Andrew Wallerstein

UI, UX, and Visual Web Designer

A Web and print design veteran with over 20 years of experience, Andrew has been designing websites since before the Internet's first appeaance in the Science Section of the New York Times. With decades of experience in every possible environment, Andrew is skilled in all applicable design tools and techniques. From Adobe's Creative Suite to hand-coded CSS, HTML email to Twitter Bootstrap, there are no situations for which he is unprepared.

Andrew has also written and lectured extensively on the subjects of Web and Information Design. His work has been featured in the periodicals listed below, among many others...

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